terms of service

we are a family friendly venue

mandatory requirements

for all participants

When Kart Drivers have completed their ride, they must remain in Karts until advised by staff when and how to vacate their Kart. Drivers must not loiter or gather on the track but must proceed to the safety of the spectator area immediately when their drive is completed.


Safety Helmets will be provided by Bay Karts Staff and must be worn at all times


Seat belts must be worn at all times.


No loose clothing. All jackets or tops must be zipped or buttoned up


No scarves. Long hair must be tied back.


Fully covered shoes must be worn at all times

bay karts is a

zero alcohol venue

Due to Tauranga City Council Liquor Licensing rules, Bay Karts are unable to offer BYO alcohol at any events.

Zero tolerance policy for inconsiderate or bad behaviour

THE BELOW WILL NOT BE TOLERATED and may result in termination of your ride and liability for damages and costs, resulting from such behaviour.


Dangerous Driving


Inconsiderate Driving


Erratic Driving


Any behaviour that may cause damage to vehicles, equipment or property


Deliberate Contact


Any behaviour that may cause harm to you, other drivers, staff or spectators

all bookings


  1. Social cruisers or novices should book in a Family Friendly Session.
  2. Children who are aged between 10 and 14 need to book in our "Family Friendly Sessions".
  3. We reserve the right to reschedule your booking in the interest of safety of all drivers.
  4. Zero alcohol limit to operate karts Breath tester on site. No alcohol permitted at venue.
  5. Karts are a compact vehicle with fixed seats, recommended maximum weight is 120kgs.
  6. All drivers require covered shoes.
  7. Please arrive THIRTY (30) mins before your scheduled start time for mandatory Drivers Safety Briefing.
  8. Adult sessions, all drivers must be 15+ years of age. For drivers between 10 years old - 14 please book a Family Friendly session.
  9. We do not recommend wearing your fancy clothes. Our track is 100% OUTSIDE and Go karts have many mechanical parts that are oiled & greased as part of regular servicing. While we do our absolute best to eliminate this happening, the occasional drop of oil, cloud of dust or rubber from track could soil clothing. We have full overalls available if required. Bay Karts is not liable for soiled clothing.
  10. Kart speed may be lowered for inexperienced drivers or wet weather conditions.
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With the uncertainty of COVID-19 we are remaining flexible for any unforeseen COVID-related circumstances.

Bay Karts have implemented a new process to stay open in ALL colours. To make sure no one misses out on karting we have a few changes.

All casual sessions, including online bookings, will require vaccine certificates for racers and spectators to be shown upon arrival.

All group bookings, such as race packages, Bathurst, Grand Prix and exclusive track hire, do no require vaccine certificates to be shown.

If you do not wish to show a vaccine certificate for casual sessions, we can still manually make a booking for you - just contact our office directly on 07 574 3709 or race@baykarts.co.nz and we can manually make a booking.

At this stage we have not come up with a work around for "arrive & drive" (walk-ins without a booking) that doesn't include the vaccine certificate.

Please be patient with us as we navigate these changes and understand that we do not want any one to be excluded from Bay Karts.


With the uncertainty of COVID-19 we are remaining flexible for any unforeseen COVID-related circumstances. To find out more about our Traffic Light Policy, please visit our Contact page.

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