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Coming together with friends, family or work mates and having a customised race event is by fair the highlight of anyone’s social calendar.

We have events to suit any group size from 6 drivers to 60!

Check out these great options below:



Just like the legendary race at Mount Panorama, a Bathurst at Bay Karts is a teams race, with driver changes and strategy plays a part in the results!

Racing is 'Time certain' based on approximately 2 laps per minute. These Bathursts are named on the theorectical maximum number of laps the winning team can complete in the allowed time.

For example, a Bathurst 120 is a 60 minute race, so in the perfect scenario the winning team should be able to complete 120 laps. But wait, what about the "human" factor? If there are lots of wipe outs, slow down penalties for contact on track, maybe your pit stop strategy is out the gate or we may get a sprinkle of rain.... all these things will impact the number of laps completed.

Race the clock to 0:00 and be the first at the chequred flag, but have you remembered to do the minimum number of driver changes!



A Bathurst has all the drama, tension, excitement and competitiveness for your next work do, stag do or large group function.

Our safety & event format briefings are fun & informative and our prize giving ceremonies sees teams taking home customised Bay Karts medals.

Ultimately the size of your group will determine which Bathurst best suits your group. We can easily accommodate up to 50+ drivers.

Always full of banter and laughs, now's the time to allow us to put together a race package to make your next group booking one to remember.

All drivers must be 16 years of age or older.

We have a similar event for high school aged drivers aged 13+ (Year 9+) called a Youth Enduro. If you have a large school or youth group wanting to do this type of event, contact us direct.

Race OptionsBathurst 90Bathurst 120Bathurst 161Bathurst 200Bathurst 240
6 TeamsMax 18 Drivers

Max 18 Drivers


Max 24 Drivers


Max 30 Drivers


Max 36 Drivers

7 Teams

Max 21 Drivers


Max 21 Drivers


Max 28 Drivers


Max 35 Drivers


Max 42 Drivers

8 Teams

Max 24 Drivers


Max 24 Drivers


Max 32 Drivers


Max 40 Drivers


Max 48 Drivers 

9 Teams

Max 27 Drivers


Max 27 Drivers


Max 36 Drivers


Max 45 Drivers


Max 54 Drivers

10 Teams

Max 30 Drivers


Max 30 Drivers


Max 40 Drivers


Max 50 Drivers


Max 60 Drivers


Grand PRIX

Race as individuals for the best overall lap time, then take on the top qualifiers in the Final Grand Prix race.

All drivers are briefed on the rules and race format before the first of two or three 8 minute qualifying heats. Drive hard and fast because the fasted overall lap will be rewarded with pole position in the Grand Final, which only the top 10 drivers will compete in.

At the end of racing, podium placers receive our custom designed Bay Karts medals.

If you are planning your next Christmas Do, Corporate Event, a Stag or Hen party, or just a fun day with your mates - then our NZGP Race packages are perfect for all groups of 10 or less drivers.
All drivers must be 16 years old or older.
grand prix 1
base package included 8 drivers for $799
Upgrade to 9 or 10 drivers for only $99 pp

Two 8 minute qualifying heats

Final Grand Prix race 25 laps*

Fastest qualifier takes pole position for the Grand Prix

max 10 drivers

max track hire 30 minutes

*in the case of a wet track, feature race is time certain at 13 mins

grand prix 2
This Package can have more than 10 drivers.
base package includes 8 drivers for $999
Upgrade extra drivers for only $124 pp

Three 8 minute qualifying heats or 2x 10 mins if more than 10 drivers

Final Grand Prix race 25 laps*

Only the 10 fastest drivers will make the final!

max track hire 45 minutes

*in the case of a wet track, feature race is time certain at 13 mins


Our most popular event for groups up to 10 individual drivers! The Super Sprint is harder & faster than a Grand Prix, has pit stop strategies like a Bathurst, but you only need 6 – 10 drivers to compete.

The Super Sprint is harder & faster than a Grand Prix, has pit stop strategies like a Bathurst, but you only need 6 – 10 drivers to compete.


A lucky dip grid position sees you start the race from a standard green light static start.


First driver to complete 60 laps* wins, but there is a catch! You must complete three (3) pit stops, where you come to a complete stop for a pre-determined period of time.


You choose when during the race you pit. We will show you a “Lap 20” and “Lap 40”  sign so drivers have an approximate idea how long the race has to run.

First driver to complete all pit stops & do 60 laps, takes home the coveted custom designed Bay Karts gold medal. 2nd & third get silver & bronze medals. Every one else just needs to try harder next time!


Fantastic as a stag do or work do, or just a competitive group of friends who want a decent chunk of fast racing!


Maximum track hire time of 1 hour including a 15min Safety Briefing & the podium Prize Giving at the end.

*In the event of wet weather, the race is time certain at 30 mins.


Package price of $999 for up to 8 drivers.
$120 per head for additional drivers, 10 drivers max.


All drivers must be 16 years of age or older.

Exclusive track hire

If you are a keen racer and don’t like to share, this is for you! Bring your friends and get the track all to yourself. Options start from 30 mins up to two hours. Track Hire option means you won’t be sharing the track with racers that you haven’t invited. Let’s be honest, in any given day there is a wide range of, um, “enthusiasm” amongst rental kart customers.

So, if you have a group of like minded wheel jockeys, or you want to host a client event or family birthday, these exclusive hire options allows you to run any casual racing format you want, without having to share with other traffic!

Ideal for entertaining clients, bring some snacks and refreshments (no alcohol!) and enjoy owning the place for a period of time.

Note we only put 10 karts on the track at a time, so allow us to tailor a race to your numbers. You must all arrive at least 30 mins before your booked time, to allow for sign in & driver safety briefing.

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